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Summit Ventures is a hiking and trekking agency, based in South Africa, that enjoys the immediate attention of the company owner, Malcolm Pearse (see photos above). With personal supervision, and careful attention to detail, errors are avoided and clients can be assured of a trouble-free trip.

   Trips to many of the world’s premier hiking destinations are either customised for groups, couples or individuals (on request), or people can join one of our organised tours. Special needs are always accommodated.

   We deal with only the best service providers in the countries we visit – companies that have been in partnership with for many years. For example, we have dealt with one company in Tanzania for 17 years; and in Nepal, Eco Trek have set up 28 expeditions to the Himalaya for us in the past ten years – and they have never put a foot wrong.

   We believe that our prices are very competitive, and this can be verified by surfing the internet.

   Briefing is offered from a wealth of experience, and each individual is assured of excellent advice, guidance, and personal attention.

   We enjoy meeting with people for discussion and planning, and can be contacted at any time during the day or ‘after hours’, seven days of the week. Our office is located in Halfway Gardens, Midrand, Gauteng.

   Overseas clients are most welcome to join any of our organised tours (with costs calculated to exclude international airfares). We regularly have folk from the UK, USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand joining us.

   See also ‘Company profile’ and What people say.


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Malcolm Pearse, who owns and runs Summit Ventures, has had a passion for mountains all his life. He grew up in the foothills of the Drakensberg, and spent most of his holidays there, rambling over the hills, sleeping in mountain caves for anything up three weeks at a time, and scaling many of the peaks. He still spends much of his time there.

Malcolm Pearse

   Born in 1935, Malcolm is acknowledged as one of the foremost outdoor photographers in South Africa, and is best known for his beautiful pictures of the Drakensberg. He supplied the photographs for his father’s three books on the Berg (including the classic, Barrier of Spears), and in addition, published his own work of art, A Camera in Quathlamba, some years ago. He is currently writing another book.

   An expert in audiovisual programmes featuring the synchronised continuous projection of slides (which he pioneered in 1970), he has delighted audiences throughout Republic with his shows. In 1976 he was awarded his Fellowship of the South African Photographic Society, the first person in South Africa to have been given this award in the Slide-Tape sequence category. This led to an invitation to London’s International Festival of Diaporama, where two of his programmes were screened amongst the ‘World’s 50 Best’.

   Two years later he was awarded an Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain. This is one of the highest honours in the photographic world. The RPS is the oldest and most highly esteemed photographic society, and maintains the very highest standards at all times.

   Malcolm linked his skills as a photographer to his love of mountaineering, and in 1978, this led to a further honour when he was invited to England to address the British Mountaineering Conference, which meets every two years, and which draws the top mountaineers from around the world.

   For 25 years he devoted himself to a ‘ministry’ in audiovisual presentations; to environmental awareness and protection; and to leading groups of people into the outdoors to experience first hand what he has grown so dearly to love.

   During the 1990s he spent many months researching the San rock paintings of the Drakensberg, visiting over 200 rock art sites, collecting thousands of colour photographs, and producing prints which are now displayed in Winterton Museum, and in the auditorium of the famous Drakensberg Boys’ Choir school.

   In recent years he has devoted himself to overseeing the activities of Summit Ventures: organising (or leading) trips to selected regions of the world. He has visited the Canadian Rockies, the Alps, the Lake District in England, the Karakoram in Pakistan (on three occasions), the Himalaya (five times), Mustang (twice), Egypt, Israel, Peru and the Galapagos Islands, and led four parties to climb Mount Kenya and ten to Kilimanjaro. He has also climbed Mount Meru and Ol Doinyo Lengai (2010!) in Tanzania.

   Malcolm’s love of travel is the overwhelming feature of his character, and one cannot doubt his sincerity in wanting to share his knowledge and experience with others.

   He has been a member of the Mountain Club of South Africa for 50 years. Happily married to a very supportive wife, he has three children and seven grandchildren.


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