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1.) My first camping trip in the Drakensberg – 1944 (aged 9 years).



2.) Easter holidays at a small cave behind the Organ Pipes (Cathedral Peak) – 1945 (aged 10 years).



3.) R O Pearse crossing the flooded Mnweni River – December 1946.



4.) ‘Home from Home’ – a small rock shelter alongside the foaming Mnweni Baths which we regularly occupied on hiking trips into the Mnweni area – December 1946 (aged 11 years). To collect water, we lowered a billycan attached to a piece of rope into the torrent below. The thunderous roar of the rapids resonated through the little shelter, keeping us awake most of the night!



5.) Sebaaieni Cave (Ndedema Gorge) – 1948 (aged 13 years).



6.) The beautiful Ntonjelana Cave, below South Saddle Peak in the Mnweni area. In the 1940’s this huge cave, with its perfectly level floor, water close by, and indigenous trees offering protection from the elements, could accommodate as many as 50 climbers. Today, some 60 years later, during which time the rock shelter has been in continual use by the local inhabitants as a stable for goats, the previous level floor has completely crumbled away, leaving nowhere for hikers to camp! 



7.) Fergie’s Cave – Injasuti 1950 (aged 15 years). Cooking over an open wood fire.



8.) ‘Skinny dipping’ near the Lower Injasuti Cave with a school teacher Mr. Gerald Hoskings (who became Direction of Education in Natal!) – 1950 (aged 15 years).



9.) From a high vantage point (seldom visited by climbers), looking towards the Rockeries – 1950.



10.) Learning to ‘paint with light’ – 1951 (aged 16 years).



11.) Landscape lighting at its best – Cathedral Peak - 1951



12.) One of my first successful photographs from the summit escarpment – Injasuti, July 1951 (aged 16 years).



13.) Mnweni Needles – 1951



14.) The picture that won the Natal Mercury Photo Contest - Landscape Section - in 1951 (aged 16 years). The peak in the photograph is The Old Woman Grinding Corn (kwa Mfasizwa ugay' amabele), Injasuti area. From the north, the outline of the peak resembles an old Zulu woman crouching over her grinding stone.



15.) Washing in the river at Marble Baths - Robert and Malcolm Moore – 1952



16.) Robert Moore and myself – Injasuti Summit - Winter 1952. Photo R O Pearse.



17.) The sun-lit Mponjwane Summit Cave – 1954.



18.) Hiking in the Mnweni area with my daughter, Helen, in 1987.


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Home Home > Photo Gallery > Pictures from the past: Drakensberg