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Client commentDear Malcolm

Thank you for a wonderful, wonderful trip! I can't express myself good enough in English – but everything was just perfect! The flights, itinerary, group, support team, hotels and the best of all – your company and handling of every potential crisis quietly and with grace. Your taking care of every last detail, made it very stress-free and relaxing for the group. Thank you again for organising everything so well!


Esté Swart (Buffeljagsrivier - Cape Province)


Client commentNamaste Malcolm!

Wow! What a trip we had! Although the trekking was really really hard, it was so amazing that I would not have wanted to miss it for all the world. Thank you soooooooo much Malcolm for all your hard work in planning and then executing such a special trip. It must be one of the BEST I have ever done...

Carmen Copestake (Knysna)


Client commentMalcolm

Everywhere we proclaim that the whole outing was fantastic, that it couldn't have been better envisioned, and that it was perfectly executed. Thank you and congratulations on every aspect!

Professor Dons Kritzinger (Clarens)


Client commentHi Malcolm

With our wonderful trip just a fond memory, I really would like to thank you for all your organization and trouble to be an ever wonderful team leader – leading us with love and kindness – always with our best interests at heart.

My photos really are stunning and I am reliving some of the super moments. I enjoyed the group members as if everybody were meant to be with this trip.

Your friend 

Fia de Wet (Swellendam)


Client commentDear Malcolm

We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect and every moment of our time spent in Nepal.

With Annapurna fresh in our memories we are tempted to say that this trek was even more exciting than the Everest trail. Of course, our previous visit was an unbelievable experience, which caused us to fall in love with the beautiful country. But it was also perhaps because we knew how much more Nepal has to offer that drew us into going again, and we appreciate how much more informative this trek was compared to before.

As has been said repeatedly, and has been emphasised while looking at the photographs – the variety of terrain, scenery, and temperature was very special. We especially enjoyed Rabi’s extensive knowledge, and felt we learnt so much about the culture, religion, and the people that we weren’t even aware of before. We found it very interesting learning about the different ethnic groups and the detailed information about the monasteries and surrounding areas. Trekking through the many villages also added so much warmth to the experience.

With regard to EcoTrek, we can do nothing but rave about their wonderful support team, and how unforgettable their joyful personalities make each and every trek. Please extend our deepest thanks to Jyoti as well. Given half a chance we won’t hesitate to go to Nepal every year, but have decided to first see some other places as well – which leads us to the question of Peru. We would love to find out more details about your 2008 Peru excursion.

Kind regards

Hester and Christelle (Honeydew)


clickPERU – and the Inca Trail


Client comment I would like to say that I found the whole Peru experience absolutely superb. I have travelled extensively all over the world and only once before have I encountered the type of caring and concern that we enjoyed both before the trip from you and during our time in Peru from those employed by Amazonas Explorer.

I loved the whole experience, and I want to thank you especially for including me in the Inca Trail. It was an incredible walk and one I'll never forget. Mountains do something for my soul. I love the sounds of silence up there, the winds, the rain, the mists, the mystery; and for me mountains always speak of the greatness and love of God - the beauty in both the great and the small has such an impact. I loved the tiny hummingbirds in the cloud forests, the snow-capped peaks and swirling mists, and the care and cheerfulness of the porters. All these combined to make the trip so very special for me.

Dougie was a tonic, and it was so good having him with us as our tour guide throughout the trip. Zac and Ifrain (our Inca Trail guides) were in a class of their own with their deep love of their country and their knowledge of the trail. Their personalities complement each other – Zac's charm and sense of fun being offset by Ifrain's quiet ability to work with people.

At Explorers' Inn we were taken into the jungle by Rinaldo, a man who has an incredible knowledge of the Amazon and the ability to locate even the tiniest frogs and spiders and share his knowledge and love of the environment. I loved the jungle experience with those strange hoatzins looking as if they were meeting to discuss affairs of state, while a little further on giant otters were swimming and tumbling in the water just having fun.

I had a truly wonderful trip and have been left with a kaleidoscope of memories that have certainly enriched my life. Thank you for letting me be part of the group.

With kind regards, Gillian M. Jones (contact details on request)


clickPERU - Cordillera Huayhuash


Linette Ferreira

Client commentOn behalf of Hennie and myself I just want to thank you so much for our Cordillera Huayhuash trip that was so absolutely wonderfully organised.

Not a thing went wrong. All our travel arrangements and pick-ups were there on time and the transport you organised for us in Peru was excellent. The accommodation was good and very comfortable as well. It was an extraordinary experience for both of us and I am so glad that I went. All credit should go to you. Louis was a wonderful tour leader and looked after us like his own family.

Thanks again, and I hope you are there for us for many happy years to come! All of the very best. 

Linette Ferreira. (Environmental Officer, Pretoria National Botanical Garden.)

Photo by Estelle van Loggerenberg




Client commentHi Malcolm,

Thank you very much for all the detailed information you have passed over to us. You really do a wonderful ‘job’. It really is a treat to travel with you – questions are answered before one thinks of asking, everything just seems to flow, arrangements all fit perfectly… it seems so easy but I think every person is very conscious of the many, many hours of hard work put into organising a trip like this - thank you once more.


Hilda Tredoux (Welgemoed – Cape Province)


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