“Zanzibar gleamed in the late afternoon sun like a fairytale set in a harbour of aquamarine. Zanzibar – even more exotic than its name. It really is a fairytale place. You know you’ve seen it before, imagined it as a child, when you step from the wharf and find yourself right in the heart of the old Stone Town. Palm trees lean beside Arabic whitewashed houses and against a bright blue sky; men walk by wearing long white robes; women wrap the black bui-bui around bright dresses; and on the harbour Arabic sailing boats – dhows – glide by. Any minute you expect Ali Baba to step out of the shadows.”                                     - Leanne Logan, TNT Magazine (1990).

Our clients frequently ask us to arrange add-on tours to the Island of Zanzibar, following trips to Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya or the game parks of East Africa. This we do in partnership with Rove Africa, one of South Africa’s leading tour operators – a company that has been ‘roving Africa’ for 15 years, and which has excellent contacts on all the coastal islands.

Accommodation is arranged to suit the individual’s pocket.

Optional day-time activities include:

  • The inland spice tour
  • Zanzibar City tour, including Stone Town
  • Visits to the small neighbouring islands, including Changuu Prison Island      
  • Zanzibar east coast beaches

We’ll gladly customise a tour for you.

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